Leafguard & Gutterguard

The accumulation of trapped leaves and twigs in gutters is a high fire risk in our dry Aussie conditions. All that trapped debris is an invitation for flying embers. Don’t let this happen to your home. Clean out those gutters one last time, and have high quality Gutter Protection Systems steel mesh gutter guards installed. The raised profile in the mesh lets leaves and twigs slide over the gutters, keeping them clear and less of a fire risk. The steel is 100% non-flammable. It won’t melt in a crisis. It won’t break.

How our product rates on the flammability index:
Ignitability scale 0 – 20 Rating 0
Spread of flame scale 0 – 10 Rating 0
Heat evolved scale 0 – 10 Rating 0
Smoke evolved scale 0 – 10 Rating 0 – 1
Under the Australian Standards AS1530Part3 for fire resistance.